Here you will find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we at Keri Wood Floors are asked every day.

1.    How long will I have to stay off of the floors?

This depends on the polyurethane selected.  Typically. When using water-based polyurethane you can walk on the floors in 1 -2 hours after the floor has been coated. For oil-based polyurethane we recommend you wait 4-6 hours after the floor has been coated before walking on it.

2.    How many days will the job take?

Because we don’t use sealers which dramatically reduce the durability of your floor, depending on color choice and weather conditions, most water-based polyurethane jobs take 2-3 days and most oil-based polyurethane jobs take between 4-5 days. However you will be able to walk on your floors every evening and every morning while will we are not working on the floors.

3.    Do I have to leave my house?

Most of our customers stay in their home during the dustless refinishing process.

4.    What do I do with all my furniture?

In most cases we can move your furniture out and back for you at a nominal charge. However if you have a whole house full of furniture, baby grand piano, or other expensive/valuable piece of furniture we work closely with local movers that can handle all of your furniture moving needs.  We will provide you with contact information if a mover is required for you project.

5.    Can I split the job into phases?

In most cases we are able to divide multiple room jobs seamlessly into multiple phases of sanding and refinishing. Please keep in mind, however, doing more rooms at one time most likely will result in a better price, takes less time for the overall project, resulting in less inconvenience to you.

Give us a call we are here to help !

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