Installed Raw And Then Finished On Site

Site-finished Hardwood Flooring

Create a custom installed, Site-finished hardwood floor that will be finished onsite using our dustless sanding system. A more traditional looking, flatter hardwood floor is what you get with site finished hardwood flooring.

Benefits of Site-finished Hardwood Flooring

Site-finished hardwood flooring requires the installation of unfinished hardwood which is available in a wide variety of sizes, species. With an endless array colors and finishes to choose from.

We can create custom colors not available with pre-finished flooring – this allows us to custom stain match an existing wood floor or existing moldings and adjoining woodwork so your home has a consistent look and feel.

You will be able to select from a wide variety of plank widths that are often not available with pre-finished flooring – giving you the flexibility to truly make your floors your own.

While all these options are exciting, the biggest benefit of installing raw wood and then sanding and finishing it on site is you get a flat, smooth hardwood floor that looks hand crafted and is uniquely you!

Contact us today to create your custom floor!  Remember, all site-sanded floors are done utilizing our dustless refinishing system so no mess to worry about.

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